Glass Fairie Houses

Where Fairie Magic Is Created With Glass!

Large – $125. 10” Tall
Med – $90. 7” Tall

Glass Fairie Houses create a magical world of fun and mystery found in folklore around the world. Each house has a removable roof which allows you to put lights, battery operated candles or small plants. Display items allow you to begin to create your own vision for your own house or add more houses to create your own magical Fairie Village.
Each house has a theme and a character style of it’s own. They are truly handmade, one of a kind treasures and new to Appleby Glass Arts 2021. More houses will be added as we continue to grow the village.
*Note: This is a prime piece of 2021 real estate. Email me directly if interested:

Oak Island Lighthouse, NC. $125

Believe Fairie House – #2 $125. SOLD!

Seaside Fairie Cottage -#3 $125. SOLD!

The Fairie Love Shack – #4 $125

Irish Fairie House – #5 $125.

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